General Information

The Cook Family Health Center

The Cook Family Health Center (CFHC) was established in July 1993 for the benefit of the Cook companies’ employees, spouses and dependents living within thirty-five miles of Bloomington. Originally located just west of Bloomington Hospital, the facility was created to:

In 1997, the health center moved to its current location on the northeast corner of Eighth and Rogers Street, just west of downtown Bloomington and the Showers Building complex. Having outgrown its original site, the center and pharmacy can now be found in a newly renovated 8,000 square-foot facility that is arguably the finest primary care office in Monroe County.

Our Primary Care Services

Services available at the health center include
but are not limited to:

Periodic physical exams, sports physicals, etc.

Treating acute illness (sore throats, earaches, upper respiratory infections, flu-like symptoms, urinary tract infections, etc.) and injuries, including suturing or minor lacerations

Providing diagnosis and ongoing care of chronic illnesses such as hypertension, diabetes, etc.

Performing routine PAP smears

Performing EKGs, laboratory testing, TB testing and aerosol breathing treatments

Administering adult immunizations

Dispensing most commonly prescribed medications through our full-service pharmacy

Providing intravenous hydration (IV fluids) and other injectable medications